We aim to use quantum technologies to remotely monitor healthcare markers such as blood flow and heart rate to assess wellbeing from the home


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Our Vision

The researchers’ vision is that the home of the future will be an environment that has the ability to feedback assessments of our health and wellbeing.  The analysis of the data-streams from a new generation of sensors will be based on clinically approved models, thus effectively bringing highly trained expertise directly to the living environment, to be used by individuals, carers, or healthcare professionals. The remote technologies will provide feedback, advice, and alerts using markers such as gait, macro and micro-movements, blood flow, heart rate, and potentially even brain function. The aim will be to not only monitor our physical health and emotional wellbeing but also provide personalised and continuously updated suggestions for lifestyle improvement as well as rehabilitation programmes, for those recovering from illness. The methods may find future applications in predicting the onset of non-communicable diseases such as heart attacks and strokes or in diagnosing infectious disease in communities.

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