Our Vision

Our project vision will impact the future of the healthcare sector by creating frugal technologies that have the potential to improve the prevention, prediction, diagnosis and/or treatment of a range of noncommunicable diseases. The technology has the ability to assess the physical health of an individual and to measure proxies for mental and social health or happiness/wellness. It will transform rehabilitation strategies and fitness monitoring, either at home or in community settings. If fully realised, the technology may also have broad applicability within hospital environments. In all of these cases, this research program has the potential to inclusively mitigate the increasing health, social care and wellness costs of an aging population, as we approach 2050 and beyond.


QUEST Partners

We work closely with academia, industry, and health care organisations

Our Memberships

A member of Scotland 5G Centre

The Centre is growing 5G capabilities, ambitions, and awareness nationwide – among businesses of all types, and in cities, towns, and remote rural locations alike.

Innovation Centres

Digital Health & Care Institute, Precision Medicine, CENSIS, and Data Lab.

Scottish Health Technologies Group

The Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG) is a national health technology assessment (HTA) agency.

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