Advisory Team

Professor Ian Craddock

PI of SPHERE IRC, Bristol

Ian Craddock is a Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bristol. He is Institutional Lead for Digital Health, leading a programme of investment and research development across six faculties of his University. He leads the EPSRC funded "SPHERE" IRC programme, one of the UK's largest digital health research projects. His track record includes the successful commercialisation of a medical device. He was employed by Toshiba corporation as Managing Director of their research laboratory in Bristol from 2011 to late 2018.

Dr Annette Bramley

Director of N8 Research Partnership

Since 2018 Annette has been the very driven and inspiring Director and ‘Chief Collaboration Officer’ of the N8 Research Partnership- the strongest university research alliance in the UK. As one of the U.Ks foremost experts in research culture, she has become a regular, compelling, and in-demand speaker on the subject. A graduate of Oxford University where she achieved a first class degree and D.Phil in Materials Science, her particular niche is  bringing people from different backgrounds to work together on research that has a tangible, genuine and long-lasting impact on the world. It’s fair to say N8’s successes in this arena are both as fascinating as they are many. For over 20 years now she’s guided scientists and engineers of all disciplines at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (part of UK Research and Innovation) with great skill, inclusivity and creativity. The LinkedIn recommendations available here go some way to explaining how one unique input has helped make so many people and projects successful. When not excelling in her profession Annette is also a gifted artist in the medium of embroidery and acrylic and again to the highest accolade. She holds the Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery from the Royal School of Needlework with Distinction and has exhibited countrywide. As if all that isn’t impressive enough – her current side hustle is studying for a Professional Diploma in Group Sound Therapy.

Professor David Sharp

Imperial College

Professor David Sharp is a neurologist and Centre Director of UK DRI Care Research & Technology, focusing on using technology to enhance the lives of people living with dementia. His research programme aims to improve clinical outcomes after dementia and traumatic brain injury (TBI), focusing on common cognitive impairments in domains such as memory and attention. His current work has a particular focus on how new treatments of cognitive impairment can be personalised, harnessing neurotechnology development to improve the lives of those living with dementia and the effects of brain injury.

Ed Clifton

Health Improvement Scotland

Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG) is a national health technology assessment (HTA) agency that provides evidence support and advice to NHSScotland on the use of new and existing health technologies which are not medicines and which are likely to have significant implications for people’s care.  HTA is the systematic evaluation of the properties and effects of health technologies, and components of HTA include clinical effectiveness, safety, cost effectiveness, patient views, and clinical expert input. 

Dr Federica Villa

Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano)

Dr. Federica Villa is an expert in the development of integrated circuits for fast-gating and active quenching of Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPADs). Her current research activity falls within the European Project FP7 MiSPIA, and aims at designing a SPAD array for 3D imaging with direct time of flight methods.

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